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We think we have the right answers, but we are often asking the wrong questions


What do you see? A personal reflection on implementing communications for development effectively

Testing of images with Unorganised Workers in Bangalore, India

Although, I have been practicing and teaching design and communication all of my professional life, I had, until I started to work in a GIZ development project in India, very little understanding of the theories and strategies that influence design, communication and behaviour. More

Author and Design: Sabina von Kessel

Video about testing of design with Unorganised Workers in India

What do you see of C?

The power and effectiveness of infographics and information in times of corona


Wall in Berlin

Press Releases, Articles, Factsheets

Newspaper Advertisement Kenya

Author and Design: Sabina von Kessel, Client: AUDA-NEPAD

Research, writing and design of Factsheets “Health in India”,  Author: Sabina von Kessel 

Client: Boehringer India

‘What do you see? Design of a communication Strategy to promote positive change for Unorganised Workers in Karnataka, India’. A handbook for the staff of GIZ.

Handbook for staff  What do you see? 

  • Photography and Brochure for BFW, Berufsf√∂rderungswerk Hamburg
    When I worked as a faculty for mediadesign in the BFW Hamburg, a center for rehabilitation of young people, I photographed the participants and wrote their story down, for the center’s promotion material. Author: Sabina von Kessel
  • A piece on why I started How Revealing, a website project where people can share experiences of sexual assault from across India. Author: Urmila Pullat Link here
  • An article on police reform in Kerala. Author: Urmila Pullat Link here
  • Monthly column reviewing world movies of human and social interest in Ritz, a South India Magazine for 3 years. A selection from that, with either the country or theme of the movies reviewed. Author: Urmila Pullat.

    South Africa


    Of children


    Urmila Pulat has been involved in researching the Transgender community in Sri Lanka, during which I conducted in-depth interviews and focus group discussions.

    An article I wrote about my experience. Author: Urmila Pullat. Link here

    A paper on understanding transgender identity in Sri Lanka and the law. Author: Urmila Pullat. Link here

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