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We think we have the right answers, but we are often asking the wrong questions

What do you see? A personal reflection on implementing communications for development effectively

Testing of images with Unorganised Workers in Bangalore, India

Although, I have been practicing and teaching design and communication all of my professional life, I had, until I started to work in a GIZ development project in India, very little understanding of the theories and strategies that influence design, communication and behaviour. More

Author and Design: Sabina von Kessel

What do you see of C?

Wall in Berlin

The power and effectiveness of infographics and information in times of corona

Press Releases and Articles for SIFA-Skills Initiative for Africa.
SIFA has launched its Funding Window I in 7 of 8 African countries. For several events articles were featured in local papers.

Author and Design: Sabina von Kessel

Newspaper Advertisement Kenya
  • Writing, photography and design of the Brochure “What do you see?”(61 pages) for GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Author: Sabina von Kessel
    link here
  • Photography and Brochure for BFW, Berufsförderungswerk Hamburg
    When I worked as a faculty for mediadesign in the BFW Hamburg, a center for rehabilitation of young people, I photographed the participants and wrote their story down, for the center’s promotion material. Author: Sabina von Kessel
  • Research, writing and design of Factsheets “Health in India”,  Author: Sabina von Kessel 

  • A piece on why I started How Revealing, a website project where people can share experiences of sexual assault from across India. Author: Urmila Pullat Link here
  • An article on police reform in Kerala. Author: Urmila Pullat Link here
  • Monthly column reviewing world movies of human and social interest in Ritz, a South India Magazine for 3 years. A selection from that, with either the country or theme of the movies reviewed. Author: Urmila Pullat.

    South Africa


    Of children


    Urmila Pulat has been involved in researching the Transgender community in Sri Lanka, during which I conducted in-depth interviews and focus group discussions.

    An article I wrote about my experience. Author: Urmila Pullat. Link here

    A paper on understanding transgender identity in Sri Lanka and the law. Author: Urmila Pullat. Link here

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