Video Works

Green Gold 2

Green Gold 2 follows the stories of individuals across the world who have been turning degraded lands into thriving areas. In Jorhat, we followed Jadav Payeng who has been single-handedly planting 1300 acres of forest on what was previously eroded floodplains. Now the forest hosts various species of flora and fauna including several elephants, rhinoceros, and tigers. The film is produced by VPRO (Dutch National Broadcasting) and directed by Rob Van Hattum; Gautam worked with him as a cinematographer filming the scenes within India.

Project duration: June – July 2014, Gautam Vishwanath was Cinematographer for the parts filmed in India

In collaboration with : Rob Van Hattum (Director), Bidisha Das (Location sound recording and drone operation)

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation India Education: CCE_Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Himachal_CCE_Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) India education wanted to create a showcase film on its learning assessment program called Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Program, with their investees, Bodh Shiksha Samiti (BSS) and Learning Links Foundation (LLF) in their respective focus states (Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand & Gujrat). The film had to capture a compelling story about the importance of CCE learning programs and its outcome across the the four states in implementation.

For BSS, Rajasthan state has been the focus and a low income school near Jaipur was chosen for the film journey of CCE project.
For LLF, Himachal Pradesh was chosen amongst Gujarat and Jharkhand as the state and a low income school from Bilaspur was chosen for the film.

Watch more of this project at –

GIZ – Govt. of Karnataka, Social Security for Unorganised Workers Campaign

Father and Son|eng subs |42sec

Mother and Daughter in Law |eng subs |1 min 40 sec

Series of 7 Television Commercials in the Indo-German Social Security Programme. The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), in collaboration with the Department of Labour, Government of Karnataka

Watch more from this project at –

Coca Cola : Vijaygadh Ki Kushiyan

The film was made as a Promotional launch video for Coca Cola’s product ‘Vitingo’ in India.
Vitingo is an Iron supplement that aims at fighting malnutrition and iron deficiency in children. It was introduced and distributed in parts of rural India through an extended network of NGO’s. The film was intended as an entertaining, informational and educative short film to raise awareness about iron deficiency in rural India.

Watch more from this project at –

Call for Action – anti Smoking film

Eco Terrorism – Short Film

In Search of Life – Short Film

The Right Move – A film on Active Citizenship by CMCA

SriKshetra-Devarayanadurga – An ancient temple documentary directed Jagadish Singh

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