Video Works

Africa Creates Jobs

Animated Video for the virtual regional conferences ACJ-Africa Creates Jobs, a series of 5 regional conference. Another video will be produced for the continental conference in November 2021.


Empowering Communities in South Africa through Cycling

Empowering communities through cycling

Brief: Cape Cycle Routes (CCR) is a Western Cape Government initiative under the Wesgro banner. Since its inception, various long-distance cycling routes have been developed across the Western Cape. Overview videos have been created to showcase these routes as a whole, but there is a need to drill down a bit further uncover the nuances and heartfelt stories within each unique route. This increases the appeal of these intriguing locations and promotes local trade.

There is a further need to tell stories of a social nature and most of these stories should have some resonance to cycling. A particular person/family, cultural experience, small business, historical site or bicycle-related development must be researched, stories extracted, people contacted and filmed and then edited into punchy films. These films should then be blended into a digital campaign, with a concentration on social media.


Social Security for Unorganised Workers Campaign

Series of 7 Television Commercials in the Indo-German Social Security Programme.

Client: The GIZ-Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit , in collaboration with the Department of Labour, Government of Karnataka

Human Centered Design: Testing of Designs with Participants (Unorganised Workers)

The design had to be thoroughly tested and get approved by illiterate or semi-literate participants, who were very precise about the reading of signs (semiotics).

Client: GIZ, Social Security for Unorganised Workers

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