About us


Sabina von Kessel, originally from Germany, has 30 plus years of international experience in the design of communication. She has led communication campaigns and worked as designer, photographer, film maker and lecturer in Africa, India and Germany. Her interest lies in applying theories and strategies of Social and Behaviour Change Communication to creating human-centered designs. How images speak to and with people and illiterate communities is another of her passions.

Sabina reaches sometimes out to:

Urmila Pullat is a lawyer and freelance writer from India. She is currently running the India desk for the Hong-Kong based regional human rights organisation, the Asian Human Rights Commission.

Veecheet Dhakal is a filmmaker and cinematographer, producer and violinist from India. A filmmaker by passion and training, Veecheet has produced many short films, documentaries and commercials for a variety of clients. All videofilms on the blog by Veecheet.

Jagadish Singh is a freelance Film Director, Editor, Photographer and a DSLR cinematographer from Bangalore.


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