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We believe in communication with people, in human – centered design and C4D strategies.

We are an Indian-German team of professionals from different backgrounds and are working together in Transcultural Design Consultancy International. Since each team member holds a different role, our team has diverse and complementary perspectives.

We, as transcultural designers, writers, photographers, film makers and musicians are aware that it is not only the tools themselves that create good communication, but rather a rich and theoretically informed understanding of the political, social and cultural contexts in which media and communications interventions occur. Human-centred design is at the heart of our work, as a problem-solving process that begins with understanding the human factors and context surrounding a challenge. Most of all it is sharing ideas and knowledge with participants and gaining an understanding of the needs and behaviours of the participants which guide us how to design the right tools. C4D, Communication for Development, lies at the heart of sustainable development. It is part science, part craft and design, its multidisciplinary nature draws on aspects of anthropology, sociology, psychology and the behavioural sciences. Its implementation depends on strategy, creativity, innovation and an understanding of communication design and its tools, which evolve around the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of the user.

Sabina von Kessel is the creative and strategic head of the team. Originally from Germany, she lived more than a decade in India, and has 30 plus years of international experience in the design of communication strategies and products. She has led communication campaigns and worked as designer, photographer, film maker and lecturer in India, African countries and Germany. Her interest lies in a human-centered approach to design, applying theories and strategies of Social and Behaviour Change Communication. She is interested in investigating the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of users to gain more of an understanding how innovative technologies could be applied to empower people. How to communicate using images and how images are perceived by people in different cultures and illiterate communities is another of her interest.

Gautam Vishwanat is an experienced Game Designer with know-how working with various Virtual Reality headsets in designing interactive experiences that foster creativity in its users. He is highly passionate about design and development of experiences within the genre of ‘serious games’, i.e games centered around human rights, history, culture, education and behaviour as well as the application of data to respond to evolving humanitarian/political challenges. Gautam has substantial experience in programming with C# using the Unity game engine, C++ with Unreal game engine and other languages such as python. He likes working with new media such as virtual and augmented reality, especially in areas of children’s education. His sharp design skill sets focus on users and extensive testing with a deep analysis of metrics. He also has considerable skills with cinematography and film-editing.

Urmila Pullat is a trained lawyer, a skilled legal researcher and has worked on several human rights issues over the years. She has been a freelance writer and written world movie reviews from a human and social interest angle for an Indian magazine for 3 years. She is the founder and editor of the How Revealing Project, an online repository of experiences of gender-based violence from India and other parts of the world. Widely covered in Indian and international media, the aim of the project is to use story- telling and SBCC approaches to bring about policy and legal changes, and influence behavior change with respect to gender norms and gendered behavior.  The project also aims to generate data that can be used for research on issues such as victim blaming and shaming, sexual assault in India, child sexual abuse and related issues. She has also taken workshops on the law related to sexual harassment and on gender norms and how to handle disclosure of abuse for school teachers. 

Sriram Sabhathy, has a background in economics and business administration, and after having worked for more than a decade in the corporate sector, Sriram is today driven by a passion to create social change. He pursues his long time passion in visual story telling by photographing and filming impact work of non-profits/non-government organizations in India. His unique combination of education, work-experience and interest in photography, makes him understand ground realities better, connect with people and bring a strategic perspective to communication.

Over the last 15 months, he has worked with multiple organizations in capturing their impact stories across the length and breath of the country. Not only has he forged partnerships with non-profit organizations, he has also been successful in building a lasting relationship with a Governement mining organization (the largest in Asia) to capture their work on improving livelihoods in areas of their presence. He recently completed a series of photo-shoot for their projects across Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. 

Almost all projects that he has worked on has involved the beneficiaries in a participatory manner, to be able to connect with beneficiaries and enable them to tell their their stories. The most prominent example was that of the work he did with Ibtada (a non-profit based out of Alwar, Rajasthan). This involved working with Women Self-Help Groups, partner NGOs, farmers and local village panchayat officials. 

Jagadish Singh is an experienced Film Director, Editor, Photographer and a DSLR cinematographer from Bangalore. He is passionate about features and documentaries, using film as story-telling tools to empower people and create social change. Skilled in Advertising, Film, Event Management, Video Editing, Video Production, Audio Production, Jagadish is a strong media and communication professional. He likes to explore people’s stories.

Veecheet Dhakal is a Filmmaker and cinematographer |Producer| Post-Production| Violinist | A filmmaker by passion and training, Veecheet has produced many short films, documentaries and commercials for a variety of clients , ranging from art House Documentaries to adventure sports and community and character based films. He is currently the Founder and Director of Firiri Films, based in Bangalore, and is also working on an independent production based in the River Teesta, in Kalimpong and Sikkim. Through Firiri Films, Veecheet has gained considerable experience in the production and management of video teams through various projects.

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